From the start, aerosoft meant comfort.

When Mr. Komol Chungrungruangkit set up his factory on the outskirts of Bangkok in 1979 he had only one goal: to create footwear for all – comfortable, durable, affordable footwear. From temple to tea house, Mr. Komol would spend hours studying movement – the dynamics and interactions of shoes with their environment, and the varying styles and demands of footwear – searching intently for a product that would appeal to, and improve standards for, all those around him.

A manufacturing visionary, it was not long before the Summit Company factory would become one of Southeast Asia’s busiest sites of footwear production. Mr Komol’s revolutionary polyurethane formula teemed with his innovative take on ‘direct injection’ production process ensured the day’s leading experts on footwear comfort – including Scholl, Dunlop and Heel Care – came to him in order to produce their famous cushioning shoe ranges. Developing its manufacturing techniques whilst acting as the key exporter of these brands in Asia, the factory grew dynamically in strength.

This blend of intense research and cutting-edge technology set the path for a radical new shoe: aerosoft’s ‘2101’ sandal – the footwear that was to define aerosoft. For twenty-five years, the company has pioneered the market for hard-wearing, soft-feeling footwear at market leading prices. The “direct-on upper” manufacturing process established and refined by Mr. Komol at our Bangkok factory is now copied the world over, yet nobody comes close in precision and product performance. Designed specifically to envelop and support the feet of a whole new demographic, the aerosoft range began to grow across Asia.

aerosoft’s ‘2101’: an inconspicuous sandel, yet one which was to stand the test of time. Unchanged, and still the largest selling item in our catalogue 25 years later, the sandal can now be found walking across the world – from the beaches of Thailand, to the parks of the USA, the markets of India, the sidewalks of Africa, and the dunes of the Middle East. Our ethos means that we understand that everyone’s feet are different – our passion means that we go the extra length to produce shoes that have this understanding at the heart of their design.

A great example for 2017: our Myanmar range. We have produced a line-up of footwear that replicates not only the styles favoured in the region, but one which has been crafted to hug the contours of feet which are flatter and wider than the average European or African foot, a feature observed through intensive research.

And we constantly evolve, continuing to push boundaries. Today, as one of the most trusted manufacturers of export quality shoes in Asia, aerosoft produces a range of over 1,000 shoes – the entire spectrum of footwear, from sandal and canvas shoe to works shoe and heels – shipping in excess of 30 million of our famous blue shoes boxes, to every corner of the world, every year!


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