Light, Flexible, Anatomical

Since production began in 1979, aerosoft has consistently rewritten the rules of ergonomic design.

At a time when Asian footwear manufacturers were mimicking production methods learned from Europe, Summit made inroads into the now well-established field of orthotics, researching the most effective ways to support the feet of all types of peoples – not just the median European prototype learned through traditional technical manuals.

The result – a new sensation for feet across the world – aerosoft’s revolutionary comfort slipper. Made from PU created in-house from our secret – and never successfully emulated – chemical formula, our first range of slippers became instant favourites across Thailand and East Asia. Ensconcing the varying shapes and contours of feet with a unique support system, consisting of intricately designed sole, insole, sock and upper,  bound together through a revolutionary manufacturing technique.

aerosoft is now recognised around the world as a leading player in the production of anatomically supportive footwear, and it is a reputation we uphold with pride. From our very first slipper, we have consistently strived to bring new dimensions to the comfort story, conducting perpetual research into different fashion styles, feet types, and chemical and industrial methods to arrive at the perfect design for each pair of aerosoft shoes.

Our secret PU formula forms the foundations of comfort in our shoes, allowing us to create footwear which is repeatedly tested to remain unrivalled in its flexibility, durability and light weight. These are the qualities that guarantee our clients return to us time after time – we are confident that we lead the way in producing shoes of unchallenged comfort which protect feet and stand up to the elements – wherever you may be!