Scale and Reach

Our factory produces in excess of 3 million units per month, with sales that are truly global in scale and reach.

Equipped to supply buyers at any point in the supply chain, Summit produces bespoke designs – from the drafting of a product to its branding – and can rebrand existing product lines for wholesalers the world over. aerosoft’s retail arm also has a significant and growing presence across the globe. 

Most importantly for our customers, our long-term pedigree and the current scale of our production means that we have an unmatched advantage in producing high-quality footwear at market leading prices. We pledge to provide a product which is far superior to that of our imitators, at a price which is comparable or better! 

Summit export to over 36 countries worldwide. We are a leading supplier to the global wholesale footwear trade, producing upwards of 30 million pairs of shoes per year.